Chat with a Teal Team Member

Book a time to talk to a Teal Team member about topics they’re knowledgeable about or to talk through what you’re experiencing in your career at the moment. All chats happen via Slack (Link here).

Click the buttons below to book a Slack chat with the respective team member using an app called "Calendly".

Erik MartinLinkedIn Profile

  • Don't know what to do next
  • Job hunting
  • Navigating unemployment
  • Industry experience: Community, Marketing, Freelancing

Lara PerlsteinLinkedIn Profile

  • Resumes
  • Building your personal brand
  • Goal-setting
  • Industry experience: Human Resources, Operations, Administrative

Tommy DyerLinkedIn Profile

  • Don’t know what to do next
  • Workstyles/Self-awareness
  • Networking
  • Industry experience: Organizational Psychology, Recruiting, Product/Startups